Friday, August 3, 2007

Cardmaking Woes

Ever had one of those days? I spent all last night - and a good chunk of the morning - sorting embellishments. Not particularly enjoyable, and I decided to reward myself with some cardmaking time. I just got the new TJ Newsletter, so thought I'd give one of the simpler techniques a try.

Started out with this bird card. These are images from See-D's, and I'd had them buried for quite awhile. I wasn't wild about how the bird background turned out, but I persevered. Stamped the sentiment, added some flowers. Still not thrilled, but it's OK. And then I really read the sentiment (which, by the way, was the whole reason I had purchased this particular set). Last time I checked the dictionary, it's answer not anwser. How did something like that slip through the cracks?!? And yes, it's printed incorrectly on the packaging, too (but I ordered online and quite honestly the image wasn't large enough for me to notice that).

OK, so I'm a little frustrated, but I'll just make another card and it will all be fine, right? This time I used the globe image (Stamp Francisco) and went over it with several shades of blue and brown. Liking it so far. Add another globe near the middle and emboss. Very nice! Stamp the sentiment (River City Rubberworks). But wait! This wasn't the one I bought!!!!! I wanted to make a friendly banter card, not one that makes the person feel like a slacker for not keeping in touch. Sigh. I continue on, and then discover that the piece of glossy card stock that I'd grabbed from the scrap pile wasn't the size I thought. I added some blue along the edge, but frankly it looks terrible.

So at this point, I'm putting the ink pads away and will get back to sorting. Maybe I'll be able to produce a decent card next week... I've also e-mailed both companies, so hopefully will be able to get replacement images.


Joyfulheartart said...

I love that saying and the card. The Bird Background is beautiful. Makes me want to stamp or something... I didn't notice the mispelling until you pointed it out. I think I read somewhere that we process whole words when we look at them and that is why it was probably overlooked when they proofed the sample. Did you contact the company? I wonder if they have noticed it?

dini said...

Bless your heart......! I hate that, not getting what I thought I was getting, and misspellings...ugh. Hope the companies will come through for you. The last time I received a defective stamp I wrote and they put a replacement set in the mail that same day. Course it will take 6 weeks to get here...but the point is that they responded very graciously.

I like your bird background - it reminds me of an Escher drawing. Isn't there a bird one? The colors are really cool. You technique-y girl you...!


marciad said...

Pretty bird card. Shame they messed up your sentiment.