Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clay Fun

Polymer clay - something I was very familiar with due to my religious watching of the Carol Duvall show (I still have the VHS tape that was always loaded and ready in case I sensed that a good paper project was coming up :) - but I had never actually used it.

Well, our daughter saw these cute little animals in an issue of her American Girl magazine, and even big brother wanted to make one. They suggested using air dry clay, but I was afraid that they wouldn't hold up too well, so yesterday while running errands we procured a package of assorted color sculpey. And then, of course, the kids wanted to start making their animals before I'd even left the parking lot of the store - I convinced them to wait the ridiculously long time until after lunch...

I must say, they turned out amazingly well. The kids made all the shapes themselves (the bodies have a ball of aluminum foil inside) and I helped with fine tuning, attaching, etc. The pig is our daughter's, our son made the cat, and the dog and panda were made for some friends. They were hanging out with their long-lost Little Pet Shop cousins yesterday afternoon, and happily survived the rigorous hands-on attention. I predict more sculpey fun in our future!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love Makes. Love Gives.

I try to keep this more as my "crafty creations" blog, but obviously I share a lot of myself through these little endeavors. As I was going through my Google Reader line-up this morning, this post caught my attention.

Genesis 1:1 is one of my favorite verses: "In the beginning God created..." simply because it reminds me that the enjoyment I get from making stuff is a tiny (and very imperfect) reflection of God's character. He created our whole world just by speaking - except for man, when God reached down and actually took dirt and formed Himself. Talk about a play dough masterpiece!!

Anyway, it also reminded me that many times I have a hard time letting go of my little creations... After a project is completed, I want to keep it to myself rather than passing it along. But the creation is an expression of my very heart, and it needs to be shared.

Even when I'm not sure if it will be "properly" appreciated. But that's what love is. Giving without strings attached. Letting go without expectations. What a gift to give.