Monday, April 20, 2009

Using those craft supplies...

 alt=We're in the process of selling our house, which means sprucing everything up. We have a little addition on the back of the house, and I decided to give it a sunroom sort of makeover with aqua paint and wicker furniture off of craigslist. I needed a little something for the wall, but didn't want to spend any more money... well, craft supplies to the rescue!

I started by rifling through my ridiculously large paper stash, and pulled a pack of Memory Box poppyfinch - a perfect match! I had a few of these frames stashed away; they're about 5x15 inches, and I've used them to make name frames for baby gifts. Well, I can now say I've used them to make something for US! I simply picked six patterns from the paper collection, cut down 4" squares, and slapped 'em on the white base.

A super-simple decor element, and no worries about making it "fit in" at our new house - there's plenty more paper where that came from ;)

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