Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kid Crafting Fun

Wanted to share some crafty fun for the younger generation! I picked up this paper doll kit a couple weeks ago, and just pulled it out this morning. My daughter (who turned 4 in January) has been having a ball with it, and I foresee many more happy mornings spent creating. The pack comes with a pad of pre-printed dresses (and of course I can't help but think how cute it would be to make a few custom ones with scrapbook papper) and a few embellishments. She was just happy to have a reason to pull out the glitter glue ;) We also picked up this fun butterfly book - she's been painting one every day or so, and we'll be stringing them all together to make a mobile for her room when they're all done. Crayola has definitely come up with some great products recently - might be worth taking a stroll down that aisle at the craft store next time you're out and about, particularly if you have any little girls in your life!


Donna said...

Your daughter is adorable, and doesn't she look proud of her talent for fashion design! I used to love paper dolls when I was a little girl...some things just never go out of style.

marciad said...

Your DD is so sweet. I believe in encouraging children to do some form of creating. No stamps when I was younger and I couldn't draw at all, so photography was my mode of expression. Lasted for over fifty years.