Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Simple & intentional are big buzzwords right now. Our society seems obsessed with excess - whether it's accessories on a side table, clothes in our closet, activities for our children... Anyway, I know there's been all sorts of online chatter about paring down and doing/owning only what you truly love.

So where am I going with all that? Well, I find myself getting back to basics in many ways with my stamping. I have *SO* many inks, punches, embellishments, patterned papers that deciding what to actually use is a bit overwhelming. I'm on about round 34 of my supply purge (it's literally taken years to get to this point) - and if I don't love something, then it's gone. It doesn't matter if I saw tons of super-cute projects done with it, or if I spent too much on it - what DOES matter is whether it fits my style now and I'll actually use it. What a concept! I've also removed over half of the blogs from my reader. I cannot even tell you how much easier it is to avoid purchasing supplies when you are unaware they exist :) I can pretty much tell you that I'll love virtually anything from certain companies (Basic Grey for one!) but I'm working on putting a dent in all of the "old" stuff that I just had to have 3 years ago - then used 1/3 of a single sheet of paper before moving on to the latest & greatest.

Now that I've gotten all that rambling out of the way, howzabout I talk about the card? ;) I had this 7gypsies printed gaffer tape mixed in with some ribbon, and honestly had forgotten about it. I liked the fall colors, and wanted to make some quick cards for a few family members. I added the little sentiment from Daisy Bucket, then the little flower (which I now wish I'd left off, but oh, well! All the recipients will still be delighted!

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