Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Martha, Martha, Martha...

(everyone say it with me, now, in your best Jan Brady voice!)
Well, I drug the kids out to run errands this morning, and had to make a stop at Michael's to see the new Martha-ness for myself. It's packaged beautifully and nicely displayed, but I didn't find any must-haves (phew!). And while not outrageously priced, there were no bargains to be had, either. I was rather excited to see the punches, but they were smaller than I had envisioned. I did like their squared off design for easier storage, and I also like that the ribbon spools can stand on their own (as seen here on my single purchase - "Silver Sage Piped Nylon," 12 yards for $2.99). I certainly don't think she's revolutionizing the "dowdy craft business" as the Wall Street Journal proclaimed on its front page - there are much nicer items already on the market IMHO (although admittedly many of those items are not sold in chain stores, so you must purchase from an independent store or online). I know one of my friends (a very creative person, but not particularly into papercrafting, although I've tried my best!) really liked some of the kits, but was extremely disappointed to find that she couldn't use a coupon. Yes, it's good quality. But no, I won't be stocking up anytime soon.

- Just in case you don't live near a Michael's store, you can see the entire line here
- And check out this great response to the Wall Street Journal's article

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Joyfulheartart said...

hmmm we should trade a little ribbon. I bought different colors than you did.