Friday, March 30, 2007

Bargain Alert!

I know there are fellow font fiends out there, so thought I'd give everyone a heads-up that Scrap-N-Fonts is having their big $1 sale through 4/16. They have a huge selection, including many from CK. Oh, and lots of fun doodles, too (hint: increase the size, print them off and use them in your cardmaking) Best of all? No waiting for new goodies (and no shipping fees!!) as you download it right to your PC. Check it out! I know there are tons of freebie sites out there - and I have many of those installed as well - but sometimes it's nice to have a complete, well-designed font, KWIM?

Ooh, and check out these card starters, as well as the cute samples (just click on the links under "Ideas Using This Font")

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