Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Scraped Oil Pastels

Had some fun playing around with another technique from the newest TJ Newsletter. I knew I had a basic set of oil pastels (I think I picked them up on clearance last year for under a buck - no idea what I'd do with them but it was a good deal. Do you understand why my craft space is so heaped up?!), so went to town with blues, greens, and a bit of brown. The images are all from Time to Stamp, and the accent piece was cut with a Cuttlebug die.

After I finished the card, I had some scraps left - pretty small, but too pretty to just toss - so I pulled out some other dies and made some ATCs. Simple but fun! Stamp is from Serendipity.


dini said...

Alright, you're gonna have to share this technique with me - I have a set of oil pastels I confiscated from one of the kids - actually he won it in a contest, but was using them as crayons - messy, messy. But I love the vibrant colors, and I can get all kinds of pastels here, amazingly. (I actually saw a really nice set of like 82 watercolor crayons but it was over $200).


ConnieC said...

Beautiful work.

KardKrazy said...

TRish, these are awesome. I love the top one especially!