Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big News from Stampin' Up!

So didja hear yet?!? SU is changing its angel policy! I'm sooooo excited about this announcement! Effective November 15, hand-stamped items made with SU images can be sold in fixed retail locations. And yes, that means online as well. Wooooo Hooooo!! This was one of my beefs with SU, and I'm so thrilled that they're making this change. FYI: You still need to stamp each and every item with one of their copyright images to be in compliance. But happy selling, people!! :)


Becky said...

OH THAT IS GREAT!!! Love your new pic :) :) I was hoping you were gonna come and comment so you couls have a chance to win! Start planning a business strategy now!

Ana said...

Thanks for the news..I'm an SU Demo and I didn't know that..bad Demo!! That was by beef too with SU maybe now I can get some money out of all the stamps I bought!! hehehe
Happy STamping

Deanne said...

Very nice to know, thanks for getting the word out! I was thinking about selling some of my cards on Esty, and maybe now I will. Sweet!