Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How addicted are you?

The "tea party" I mentioned in my last post was rescheduled, so I'll be posting a new card tomorrow. But in the meantime, I am shamlessly copying this funny quiz (that I found at Ruby Slippers Stamping) Give yourself a point for every yes and then total your score (analysis at the end)

1-I own 5 different brands of punches.
2-All my ribbon tied together would reach from my stamp room to my mail box or beyond.
3-I have at least 10 shades of green ink.
4-I know at least 3 ways to make my images look grounded.
5-I have at least one stamp in my collection that is a vehicle without wheels.
6-I have at least one stamp that has an image of some sort of antique.
7-In my stamp room is a needle, a bottle cap, and a piece of fabric (remember Let's Make a Deal when Bob wanted to see what was in your purse?).
8-I use some form of make-up in my stamping now and then.
9-I know at least 3 ways to make paper glittery.
10-I have shaving cream, rubbing alcohol, and bleach in my stamping supplies.
11- I have at least 5 kinds of adhesive.
12-In my stamp collection I have all three: an eagle, an owl, a hummingbird.
13-I have at least 15 kinds of flower stamps (tulips, roses, etc.)
14-I have more designer/decorate paper than I could use to make 200 cards.
15-I have at least 8 colors of silk/fabric flowers.
16-I have embossing powder that is at least 5 years old.
17-I have used an iron in my stamping more than once.
18-I have 10 or more background stamps.
19-My stamp collection includes a jar, a telephone and a typewriter/computer stamp (all 3 for the point!).
20-I have 3 or more pair of straight edged scissors or cutting tools.
21-I have at least 6 shades of blue cardstock.
22-I know 3 ways to attach a ribbon to a card.
23-I use transparencies in my stamping.
24-I know how to paint with reinkers.
25-I have at least one card in my stamp room that has 8 layers on it.
26-I have done paper piecing or paper applique before.
27-I have made a card with at least one element that uses origami.
28-I know how to resist emboss.
29-I store my markers horizontally.
30-I have at least one stamp or stamp set that is about chocolate.

28-30: We will have to bury you with your stamps when you die. You need inpatient treatment.
23-27: Yep, you are addicted, Without an intervention soon, you will quickly reach the level above this one.
18-22: Come on, you can do better. Take a few weeks off work and stamp!!!
17 and UNDER: There is still hope for you. Spend a bit more time reading blogs and shopping in stamp stores and you will make progress.

Anyone wanna guess my score? ;)


jacki j. said...

That would be 30 for you and 29 for me. I don't have bleach, alchohol and shaving creme currently in my stamping stash, because of the recent move.... Ask me that question 6 months ago....

Heidi said...

I'm gonna guess 23! You aren't THAT bad are you!? {giggle} Oh wait, maybe I'm that bad too!

Trish D said...

My total was 29 - I don't have any hummingbird images :)

jacki j. said...

OH NO!!! we have to fix that! I have a couple...

Trish D said...

That DEFINITELY wasn't a hint!!! I can honestly say that I've never come up with an idea, but then said, "Now if only I had a hummingbird..." :)