Friday, July 6, 2007

Grandma's Birthday

Still waiting on the catalog, and now I'm working on emptying my "craft pit" to make room for the cabinets that I'll be getting next week. Wow, I have a LOT of stuff! Was talking to a friend yesterday about setting up a stamping/ papercrafting sale, just so I don't have to mess with listing it all on eBay. Will have to see where that leads!

Anyway, I haven't stamped at all this week, but thought I'd share another card from my archives. This is the card I made for my grandmother a couple years ago - it was her 90th birthday, so I wanted to make it special. I printed out the picture, then did a simple collage with elements I pulled from my pile. And although it doesn't show well in this photo, the definition of "blessed" is printed alongside the fold. I love this style, but it does not come easily for me. But how else will I learn unless I keep trying? :)
Have a wonderful weekend - and hopefully I'll have some new stuff to share next week!!

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