Thursday, July 12, 2007

New SU Catalog and general catch-up

I finally got my new SU catalog on Tuesday night, and then yesterday took some time to peruse... and it was total confirmation that I'm doing the right thing by stepping out of SU right now. Yes, there were some nice sets, but frankly there was very little that really jumped out at me. I've always felt that SU did a nice job putting together their catalogs, with an eclectic mix of images. This catty pretty much leaves me cold - way too many sketchy sets and graphic circles/flowers. Prices have noticeably increased, and I don't think they're a particularly good value anymore (especially since I'm leaning more and more toward UM stamps!). I will say, though, that the layout of the catalog itself is fantastic. The samples are wonderful - well designed but simple enough that they can easily be reproduced - and beautifully photographed. Samples in the past were very "flat" but are much more dimensional now, and often staged with other cards or objects. So basically it's just an Idea Book for me personally!

In other news, I'm still busy plugging away at my organizational project. We'll be picking up the cabinets this evening, and hope to have them installed by the end of the weekend (we have several other prior commitments, though, so it may get pushed back into next week). And for some crazy reason my family expects clean clothes and meals, which really cuts into my productivity! We also seem to have all picked up a stomach bug - it hasn't knocked any of us flat, but definitely adds to the crankiness/impatient factor.

Anyway, thanks for checking in - I have soooo many ideas right now! Now that I've been reminded of all the goodies I have, I'm itching to create. Soon, soon...


imchatty (Denise) said...

I totally agree! There is too much doodley stuff and nothing really jumped out at me. I did my final order and it was $150 of paper and accessories {mainly punches}. I ordered one stamp and got one as a hostess gift. That is a first for me!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

God has a way of giving you peace about difficult decisions!!!

I'm not much of a stamper and don't know much of the lingo...What are UM stamps?

Again, can't wait to see that organized room!!!

Trish D said...

UM stands for unmounted - you buy just the rubber part. Much cheaper since you don't have the wood mount and mounting foam. I use them with acrylic blocks with a special adhesive. Cheaper AND takes up a ton less space. Gotta love that!! :)