Monday, April 7, 2008

Go fish!

Well, the smARTworks design team has just completed another challenge round, this time using the Trout Duo set. Being a good Montana girl, I'm very familiar with these scrumptious fish (best when cooked over an open fire) but can't say I've done much paper crafting with 'em. It's a very nicely drawn set, and I initally set out to make either a vintage or masculine type card. But then a little scrap of paper changed all that...

Yes, a little triangle that had somehow avoided the "trash sweep" ended up laying near my sample image, and for some reason that made me think of a party hat. And well, it was all bright colors and puns from that point on. I really did have a lot of fun with this card, from the pom-pom on the hat all the way to the googlie eye :) The greeting was stamped with Alpha-02, and it's supposed to be a play on the standard birthday wish (get it?). The card is quite small - only 4 1/4" square, but some things are better in small doses.

Check out the other smART Cookies creations here. See, you really can create some lovely things with this set!!

UPDATE: Interested in free rubbah? Get all the details at the In the Works blog!

1 comment:

Chia said...

I love the fish in a birthday hat! I always have a soft spot for fish art. Don't know why.

Great Card :)